How to clean snoo mesh

How to clean snoo mesh ( Best way described with video) [2022]

A common question search on google is how to clean snoo mesh? First of all, you have to know about snoo mesh.

The snoo mesh is a perfect attachment for the Snoo Smart Sleeper crib, which makes it simple to add a little something extra to your baby’s nursery.

This article will be detailing the many ways in which you can clean your snoo mesh in the most effective way possible.

What is a snoo mesh
What is a snoo mesh

What is a snoo mesh?

The snoo mesh is an item that you can attach to the snoo smart sleeper crib as its name entails which makes it simple for you to add something extra to your baby’s nursery. The mesh is mostly made up of wire and material that prevents it from easily tearing apart.

The snoo mesh is mostly used to hang some soft toys or skins that have been designed by the snoo team. Check out my baby proofing hints and tips article for more information about this crib.

Why need to clean snoo mesh?

I can’t stress this part enough, as some moms and dads may not fully understand the importance of keeping your snoo mesh in top condition. It is also important to mention that the Snoo mesh isn’t an item you would use every day and hence it might be a little considerate if you were to clean it. Its purpose is to make your baby’s nursery extra special and add something good to your nursery. The more time you take to clean it, the longer you will have it in excellent condition.

What is needed to clean snoo mesh?

These materials are needed for you to get the job done. Some of them might be found in your house or you can buy them at the hardware store around you.

What are the best snoo mesh cleaning products
What are the best snoo mesh cleaning products

What are the best snoo mesh cleaning products?

I have used a few of these products before I realize that water works the best for me. Now, since I have done some research on what others use to clean their snoo mesh and I have also used some of the things that they mentioned here and personally recommended them to you guys.

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How to clean snoo mesh in steps?

  1. Prepare your materials
  2. Use water to clean your snoo mesh
  3. Air dry your SNOO mesh
  4. Vacuum clean your snoo mesh

Tip: If you are someone who doesn’t like the scent of vinegar, instead of using it directly, you can use a couple of drops of dish soap in a bucket full of water.

 Materials needed:

Cleaning your snoo mesh can be a bit tricky if you don’t know what you are going to use. Just trust me on this one and follow my advice. I have tried many different things which I will discuss in detail below.

1) Water

I know water is not that exciting but it works the best way to clean your snoo mesh. Water is usually used to clean almost anything and it’s not just limited to your snoo mesh. All you need to do is get a bucket or bowl full of water and soak your snoo mesh in it for a couple of hours. You should remove the snoo mesh gently and then put it in the shade or somewhere where air can blow on it gently.

2) Vinegar

Some people use vinegar directly and I didn’t like the smell of it but if you don’t have that problem, you can use a few drops of dish soap in your bucket full of water. You can also add a couple of drops of rubbing alcohol to help the odor go away better from the snoo mesh.

3) Alcohol

I used this method and it worked well. You can get a spray bottle that has vodka in it and just spray it on the snoo mesh and let it sit for a couple of hours. I would recommend not breathing on the snoo mesh while doing this as alcohol will be strong if you do that. The alcohol will dry out your snoo mesh after a few hours which makes it easier for you to clean.

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4) Baking soda

This method is mainly used to clean your snoo mesh from dirt and stains. You can use a bucket of water and add 2 tablespoons of baking soda and mix it thoroughly before soaking the snoo mesh in it for about an hour or so. Soak it for a few hours and then wash it off with some water.

5) Toothpaste

The toothpaste is specially made for cleaning teeth and you can use the same thing to clean your snoo mesh. Just mix some toothpaste with water and soak it in a bucket full of water for a couple of hours before rinsing it off.

6) Vinegar + Oxyclean

This is another good one that I tried. You need to get some vinegar and throw it in the sponges that are usually used for dishes with the calcium content. The snoo mesh is made up of calcium and you can use this method to get rid of calcium stains.

7) Vinegar + baby wipes

These two items will be great for you if your snoo mesh has mildew on it which is mostly found on the mesh surface. Put a hand towel in the bucket full of water and add a few drops of vinegar to it. Do this for about an hour before removing.

8) Hot Water + Dish Soap

You need to mix two parts of hot water with one part of dish soap and soak your snoo mesh in it for about an hour. After an hour, take it out and then rinse off with a bucket full of cold water.

9) Iron

The iron can be used to clean your snoo mesh. You need to put the mesh on a towel and then put something heavy on top of it. I would recommend using an old book or something like that, but not your bible as you do not want it to get stained. The iron will help you to remove any type of stains that are present on the mesh.

10) Baking soda + white vinegar

The combination of these two items will be great if your snoo mesh has mildew on it and it is a good one to use to get rid of any type of stains that are present on the snoo mesh. The combination is also a good one to help you remove any type of water stains which may be present on your snoo mesh.

11) Dish Soap

Contrary to what you think, dish soap can be used for cleaning your snoo mesh. You can use your hand towel and add a few drops of dish soap to it before soaking it in the bucket of water for about an hour. Remove the snoo mesh gently once you are done and dry it off with a hairdryer.

How to clean snoo mesh bassinet?

You can clean your snoo mesh bassinet by following the instructions on the product label. For cleaning snoo mesh, you can also use a mild detergent or a dish soap to wash it, just as you would do with your other baby items. I would recommend washing it in cold water as warm water may shrink the fabric of the cover. You can use any type of cleaning product you would use in your house regularly.

How to snoo mesh replacement
How to snoo mesh replacement

How to snoo mesh replacement?

If your snoo mesh is showing signs of damage such as holes or a tear, you can get it replaced by the manufacturer itself.

How to clean snoo mesh fabric?

I hope you guys found this article helpful and hopefully, it helped you out. If there is anything else in mind that you would like to know about the snoo mesh fabric, let me know in the comments section.

How to clean snoo mesh pilling?

Usually, snoo mesh pilling occurs after a while and it can be removed through washing or vacuuming. Pilling can also result in holes in the mesh if left unattended.

You can remove the pilling by washing the mesh with a mild detergent or even vinegar. You have to hold the mesh in your hand gently and then wash it to remove any dirt that may be present on it.

How to Clean a Snoo Sleeper?

If you’re the proud owner of a Snoo Sleep System, congratulations! It’s a wonderful product, and it will help your baby get the rest they need. But like any other piece of baby equipment, it needs to be cleaned occasionally

Cleaning a Snoo sleeper can be pretty simple, but it does require some TLC. Here are some tips for how to clean a Snoo sleeper:

1. Go through the bassinet and remove any loose items (such as blankets or stuffed animals).

2. Remove the sheet from the bassinet and wash separately in cold water with mild detergent. Do NOT use fabric softener or bleach!

3. Wash any removable parts of the bassinet in hot soapy water, but do not put these parts in the dishwasher – they could get damaged!

4. Once everything is clean, leave it out to air dry completely before putting it back together again.

How to clean a Snoo bassinet mesh?

This is a guide about cleaning the mesh of a Snoo bassinet. The Snoo bassinet is designed so that it fits into a standard size crib and can be used as a portable bed for an infant. You will be able to find the best snoo smart sleeper baby bassinet stores.

But it requires some special attention when it comes to cleaning.

The Snoo bassinet has a mesh bottom and sides which allow air circulation for your baby’s comfort. The mesh also allows you to see through the bassinet so you can watch your baby sleep.

Because this type of material does not have any waterproof lining, you should not use any type of soap or detergent on it.

If the mesh starts to smell or gets stained, try spraying it with vinegar diluted with water.

Use only warm water and mild soap if necessary. If there are stains on the fabric or metal frame parts, try using baking soda or vinegar diluted with water instead of soap and water because they may damage the fabric or metal parts of the bassinet.

Snoo Bassinet Mesh

Snoo Bassinet Mesh is the same mesh material used on all of the Snoo products. It is soft, breathable, and can be machine washed and dried.

  1. 1. Unzip the cover from the bassinet and remove any liners or pads, if applicable.
  2. 2. Remove all fabric pieces (mattress cover, sheets, bumper pads) from the bassinet and wash them separately in a front-loading machine with cold water and mild detergent.
  3. 3. Rinse thoroughly after washing, then dry on low heat or line dry only. Do not use bleach or fabric softener as they will damage your Snoo Bassinet Mesh.
  4. 4. When dry, place Snoo Bassinet Mattress Cover back into bassinet before using again (no need to zip). The Snoo Bassinet Mattress Cover should be replaced every 1-2 years as it will become worn with use over time (the mesh will not wear out though).

How to clean snoo mesh cover?

The cover of the snoo mesh can be cleaned with a mild detergent just as you would do with your blankets or any other items in your house. You can put it in the washer and let it run on a regular cycle.

Watch the video to learn how to clean snoo mesh properly.

video credit: Deon Kappenman.

Frequently asked some questions about how to clean snoo mesh.

Can the SNOO be washed?

Yes, the SNOO can be washed. Just use any type of laundry detergent to wash it as needed. You can get the snoo mesh online through Amazon and other online stores. Make sure you get one that is made from 100% cotton which is the best one to use.

Can you remove the mesh from SNOO?

Yes, you can remove the mesh from your snoo. If you want to replace the old one with a new one, it can be done. You just need to remove the old one and then sew in a new fabric from the inside of your snoo and then attach it back to the old one.

Can you put SNOO swaddle in the dryer?

Yes, you can put your SNOO swaddle in the dryer. You need to make sure that the machine is running at a low temperature and also make sure that it is not drying too fast. This will help the fabric stay better on the frame of your snoo.

How do you remove an SNOO swaddle?

There are two ways you can remove your SNOO swaddle. First, you can remove it by cutting the fabric of the swaddle and then getting another one for replacement or you can get a new one for replacement.

Do I need to wash SNOO Sack before use?

The SNOO sack does not need to be washed before use. You can use it regularly for the next months and do not have to worry about washing it. You need to wash your SNOO Sack as often as you like.

You can wash it again every so often or maybe once in 6 months and then leave it in the machine for another 6 months before putting it back into the machine.

Do you have to use SNOO Swaddles with the SNOO?

You do not have to use the SNOO swaddles with your SNOO. You can use the one that is suitable for the store you bought it from or any other store if you like.

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What age should babies be using SNOO?

The baby needs to be able to hold its head up on its own before using the SNOO. You can also see if they are sitting and then laying in it by just holding it and checking on them if they are still doing well.


The snoo helps to soothe your baby through sleep. It is a great invention that makes it easier to put your baby to sleep and also have them sleep soundly throughout the night.

The snoo is also a great gift idea for any parent that has recently born babies or even those who plan on having them soon. The machine has some of the best features and asides from making sure that your baby stays asleep, it also helps you get more rest as well.


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