Santa suit garment bag

How to clean Santa suit garment bag? Try this 7 Best Steps

There will be a time when cleaning your Santa suit garment bag is necessary. The real question is “how to clean a Santa suit garment bag.” That is what this article will cover. There are many ways to clean your Santa suit garment bag. However, we always recommend dry cleaning it.

This method will provide you with the best results and ensure that your suit stays looking its best for years to come. Simply take your Santa suit to the cleaners and let them know that it needs to be dry cleaned. They will know exactly how to deal with the material and get the stains out of it so it looks good as new.

Now if you are going to attempt to wash and dry your Santa suit garment bag at home then there are a few things you need to know first. You need to use cold water only, not hot! Hot water can cause shrinkage or discoloration in some fabrics which means you do not want it near your Santa suit. Also, make sure that you never put it in the dryer! You can easily ruin the shape of the garment or even cause some of the decorations on it to melt if they are not made from heat-resistant materials.

What you’ll need to clean the Santa suit garment bag?

Equipment / Tools:

  1. lint roller/ lint brush.
  2. seam ripper or scissors.
  3. fabric softener sheet( in case of dry cleaning).
  4. towel for dampening and pressing the work area (in case of dry cleaning).
  5. vacuum cleaner if necessary.
  6. a large plastic bag, to put the Santa suit into (in case of washing and drying at home).


  1. Detergent powder/ liquid with a mild fragrance. (in case of washing and drying at home).
  2. A washing machine (if you plan to wash and dry at home).

How to clean the Santa suit garment bag?

Step-1: Lint roller/ lint brush.

Always check the Santa suit for any visible lint or dust. Use a lint roller or a lint brush to remove the visible dust, dirt, or pet fur. This will ensure that they don’t get embedded in your Santa suit while you’re cleaning it. This can also prevent your Santa suit from losing its shape and becoming rumpled over time.

Step-2: Vacuum cleaner or a dry clean vacuum jet.

Use a vacuum cleaner or a dry clean vacuum jet to remove any pet fur, dust, lint, or dirt from the surface of your Santa suit. This is a good way to ensure that these items don’t get embedded into the material as you’re cleaning it.

Step-3: Detergent (liquid/ powder).

For normal stains take soap water and wet the stain then rub it with your hand to remove it. For tough stains use your hand only. For Santa Suit dry cleaning only use dry clean detergent.

Step-4: Optional steps.

If your Santa suit garment bag is dry cleaning only you can use a fabric softener sheet instead of soap and water to remove any stains.

Step-5: Blot up excess liquid with a towel.

After you have used the soap or softener to clean the stain, blot up any excess liquid with a towel. This stops the stain from becoming any deeper into the material of your suit. Do not put the Santa suit garment bag back in its bag until you have completely dried it.

Step-6: Air dries your Santa suit.

This is of course optional but many people like to air dry their Santa suits instead of using a dryer. You can simply leave the Santa suit garment bag in the open air for about 1 – 2 hours or until it is completely dry. You can also use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process if you wish.

Step-7: Finally, put it back in its bag.

Finally, put your Santa suit garment bag back into its original bag. It is best to keep it inside the freezer for a little bit if you are not going to wear it for a while. This will allow any excess heat and moisture to be removed from the material so that you do not risk getting those stains fixed due to too much heat passing through the fabric.

Santa suit garment bag
Santa suit garment bag

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How do you clean Santa hat fur?

Santa hat fur is often made of synthetic materials that are heat resistant and can usually be cleaned with a lint brush. The other option is to have it professionally dry cleaned. The last thing you want to do is cause any damage to your Santa suit or Santa hat by using the wrong cleaning methods so always check first before doing anything!

What materials do Santa suit garments come in?

There are several different types of materials that a Santa suit garment can be made of. Each of these materials has specific needs when it comes to cleaning them.

The first material on the list is nylon. This is often the most popular material for Santa suits because it’s cheap and extremely durable. This material is also commonly used for Santa suit accessories because it does not attract lint as other materials do.

Once you have gotten your Santa suit garment, however, you will want to ensure that it stays in tip-top shape as well.

How do you clean an old Santa beard?

The first thing that you need to do is thoroughly vacuum the beard. The hair will be attached to the costume, so it’s important that you not just shake it all about. Next, use a lint roller or a lint brush to remove all of the dust and pet fur from the beard.

Once you have removed all of the dust and pet furs, make sure that you vacuum again on both outer garments where there is any possible dust or pet fur.

How do you clean a Christmas stocking?

  1. First, choose an area where you can lay the stocking out flat. There will be several different pieces of fabric in your Christmas stocking and some are thinner than others. You can just lay the whole stocking down or lay each piece out over a table or bed so that you can easily access it for cleaning.
  2. Ensure that any other decorations, ribbons, etc. have been removed from the size of the Christmas stocking you are cleaning so that nothing gets damaged while being cleaned.
  3. Begin by removing any excess lint from the sides of the Christmas stocking. The best way to do this is to lay a cloth that is soft and clean on the table where you have laid out all of your items. Once you have done this, lay down all of the Christmas stocking items while they are still attached to the other pieces of fabric in your stocking. Do not disturb these items while they are laying on the cloth.

How do you wash a fake beard?

You can take it to the store which sells beard shampoos, body washes, etc. but if you do not have one close by and want to wash it in the bathroom, using a mild soap and warm water is okay to do. It will be effective for washing the eye makeup that can get all over your actual face. Once the makeup has been washed off completely then you may be able to use a mild baby shampoo that is safe for your skin and hair.

How do you clean Santa gloves?

To clean Santa gloves, use a SOFT BRUSH such as a nail brush or a shower puff. An old toothbrush can work as well. DO NOT use any rough items or chemicals that could cause damage to the gloves.

The goal is not just to clean off the grime and get rid of extra fat from cooked foods but also to make sure that there are no stains and/or odor from anything else you may have been handling that day. Such things include fish and raw meat or eggs.

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How do you wash Santa suits?

To wash a Santa suit in the washing machine, select the mildest cycle that is available. It is also recommended to use a detergent specifically designed for clothing and/or delicates. You should also use oxygen boosters such as fabric softener sheets or dryer sheets. The last step should be to add an oxygen bleacher or mild bleach.

Some people prefer using the dryer only for rinsing and drying their suits since it will take very little time to complete.


Frequently asked questions on Santa suit garment bag.


Can you dry clean a Santa suit?

The answer is yes, but it is not recommended. The only reason why you should not dry clean a Santa suit is that it can cause damage to the suit. For example, if you choose to use a dryer you can take off the lint by hand; however, if you choose to put the Santa suit garment bag back in its bag and let it air dry as an alternative way of cleaning, then you can risk staining it for multiple reasons that are discussed in this article.

What is the best fabric for a Santa suit?

The answer to this question depends on your personal preference and the type of role you have in mind. The best fabric for a Santa suit is 100% polyester or polyester blends (55% polyester, 45% polyester blend). These are the best materials to make a Santa suit because they will hold up in long-term use.

What is the most popular material for a Santa suit?

Nylon is the second most common material for making a Christmas costume or any activity that involves wearing clothing like this.


Cleaning your Santa suit garment bag is a pretty straightforward process, but you do want to use caution when washing it – and only use spot-cleaning techniques if absolutely necessary.


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