How to clean glass stove tops

How to clean glass stove tops: Best 4 easy steps[Do Practical]

How to clean glass stove tops? the most common question. While these and other energy solutions are all great, none of them are currently widely used, however. We can’t just sit around and wait for a giant solution to our energy needs to come to us from the heavens. We have to take action now. And while some people may go off the grid or power their homes with windmills or solar panels, many of us can’t do that right now. I don’t know about you but what I do isn’t feasible for everyone. That’s why I’m giving a different approach to making your home more energy-efficient.

If you are like most people and have a glass top stove then knowing how to clean a glass top stove should be something that is easy for you to do. But it can be more difficult than it first appears to clean the glass because when you try to wipe it down the dirt and grease stick right to the surface and make it so much harder than it needs to be.

This article will give you 4 easy steps on how to clean glass stove tops.

Why do you need to clean your glass stove tops?

When you cook on your glass top stove you typically use a lot of oil to cook your food. Cooking with high heat often produces oil that is so thick and viscous, it’s dangerous.

So instead of cooking the food on the bottom of your stove which is where most people like to cook their food, use the glass top to keep that high heat away from the pot in case it catches light and burns or spills oil all over your kitchen. Then when you have finished cooking your food, use a pan or dish to remove any leftovers that you need to dispose of.

How often should you clean your glass stove tops?

Ideally, you should clean your glass stove tops every time you finish cooking a meal. It takes very little time and you don’t want the oil to start to build upon the surface of your glass stove top. As it builds up over time, it makes it harder to clean and removes some of the shine from your glass stove top as well.

Things you need to clean your glass stove tops.

  • 1) Glass cleaner – Any glass cleaner will do. Just make sure that you choose one that doesn’t leave any streaks behind when you use it on your glass stove top.
  • 2) Cleaning cloths – Cloth rags or paper towels work fine but the rags work much better because they will hold onto the cleaner more than paper towels will.
  • 3) Dish soap – Dish soap helps to remove residual oil and food leftovers when you wipe it off with the cleaning cloths or paper towel.
  • 4) Glove – You can use just about any thick glove to protect your hands. I’m not picky and typically use my thick leather boots with no problems.

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clean glass stove tops
clean glass stove tops

How to clean glass stove tops: Follow these 4 steps.

Before you begin cleaning, make sure that the stove is cool. If you have a gas stove, turn the main knob to the off position and slightly raise the stove knobs so they are left in a position where they are slightly open. This will allow the heat to escape and prevent any potential fire or burns. I also recommend that you read my tips below to make sure that you know how to clean glass stove tops in 4 easy steps.


Step 1. Run hot tap water over the stove top.

Turn the main knob to the off position and slightly raise the stove knobs so they are left in a position where they are slightly open. This will allow the heat to escape and prevent any potential fire or burns.

If you have a gas stove, turn the main knob to the off position and slightly raise the stove knobs so they are left in a position where they are slightly open. This will allow the heat to escape and prevent any potential fire or burns.

Step 2. Put one drop of dish liquid in a bowl and fill it with hot water.

Make sure the area that you are cleaning is completely dry. If the area is wet water will sink into the grease and that makes it harder to clean. I like to fill up a large bowl with hot water and then drop in 1-2 drops of dish liquid.

If you don’t want to add dish liquid, you can use plain white vinegar to remove stubborn food remnants.

Note: Start by cleaning the center of the stove where the burner covers are. This is where most of the oil and spills occur so this is a good place to start. Once you have finished cleaning that area scrub any spots around them and then move on to cleaning other areas of your glass stove top.

Step 3. Wipe with a sponge or rough cloth.

Every stove top is different. One stove top may be able to be wiped clean with one sponge while another might require two or three. For example, my glass stove tops can usually be wiped clean with one rough cloth but if I need to use two to three rags, there’s usually nothing left behind once I’m done.

After wiping the area dry, I use a soft sponge that has a textured surface so the water doesn’t sink into the grease and cause it to become more difficult to wipe away.

I try not to use too little water or too much water or it will create a diluted solution which can cause the grease to absorb into the surface of your glass stove top. Also, if you use so much that it starts to wash around the edges onto your glass top, this will also make it difficult to clean because there is not enough oil left behind.

Step 4. Use the Mr. Clean magic eraser on tough spots (can be found at Home Depot)

This next step can sometimes be difficult. A magic eraser has a soft non-abrasive surface so it reduces the chances of scratching your glass stove top. It’s designed to remove tough stains so if you have stubborn spots that won’t budge, try using some muscle and oil sand paper to give it a good scrubbing until it’s gone.

Note: I usually do this step after I’ve wiped up the excess water and while my stove is still warm in case some spots are still left behind.

Takeaway: If your home is getting older, it’s going to take some elbow grease to keep it looking nice. In order to keep your glass stove top clean, follow these simple steps and you’ll be good as new!

Useful tips on how to clean glass stove tops.

-Always make sure that your stove is cooled down before you begin to clean. If you are cleaning your glass stove top with a Mr. Clean magic eraser, it’s best to do so while the surface is still warm or use some sand paper to scrub away the hardened grime.

-If you have a stainless steel glass stove top with black burners, I recommend using vinegar instead of dish liquid as this may affect the color of your burner covers and change them from black to blue or green.

-If you have a glass stove top, make sure that it’s clean before and after you cook. Review this list of common oil spills, spills and stains to see if there are some that you may have missed. Good luck and have fun keeping your glass stove top looking clean!

If there is something that you think should be added to this article or if you would like to share your own tips for how to clean glass stove tops through the contact page. How to clean glass stove tops? now it become easy for you.

How to clean glass stove tops burnt-on.

  • First, turn on your stove and set the burner to low.
  • Then, place a large bowl under the burned-on residue.
  • Next, fill up the bowl with a small amount of vinegar and let it sit for several minutes to soften the grease.
  • Finally, use a paper towel or rag to soak up as much of the vinegar as possible before turning off your stove top.

How to clean black glass stove top.

To clean black glass stove top, you need to use dish soap. Dish soap will remove grease and oils leftover on the glass stovetop.

Clean the glass stove top with any kind of dishwashing liquid (Dish soap).

  • Spray the area that you want to clean with regular dishwashing liquid and then apply it generously.
  • Read the directions carefully before using dishwashing liquid on your glass stovetop.
  • Then, wipe off the dirty surface with a paper towel or rag, until you get all of it cleaned away.

How to clean glass stove top with vinegar.

You can use vinegar to clean your glass stove. for that, you need to mix equal amounts of vinegar and hot water in a bowl.

  • Then, use a sponge to clean the glass stove top.
  • After that, wipe your stove top with dry paper towel.
  • It is recommended to do this process before you cook. Because if there are any grease or oil on the top of your stove, it will release all in the food you are about to cook. So when it comes to cleaning glass stove tops, you must be very careful what kind of cleaner you choose for this purpose.


While it may not seem like a big deal to use the wrong cleaner, you are actually risking your health and possibly damaging your stove top. To clean glass stove tops, follow the steps outlined in this article to keep your kitchen looking great for years.

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