How to clean car seats with shaving cream

How to clean car seats with shaving cream with best 6 steps.

People keep on asking us if it’s possible to clean car seats with shaving cream and we were like, they must be crazy. But then again, why not?

Cleaning a car can be challenging if you don’t know what to do. Especially getting sweat stains out of leather car seats. The process of getting sweat out of car seats can be tricky, but shaving cream is a great tool for the task.

Not too long ago, people used to ask us if it was possible to clean a car seat with shaving cream. For those of you who don’t know what the question is about: the idea behind this is that shaving cream is great at removing dirt and even deodorizing your sofa or clothes, so why not use them for cleaning your car?

Most car sellers offer leather seats in their cars which makes them a big crowd favorite. They are really good at keeping you comfortable in hot weather and look elegant as well. However, they also need proper attention to maintain their appearance, especially when they’re stained with sweat. If you’re wondering if cleaning a car seat with shaving cream is possible and what other methods are out there on the market, then we have you covered.

Today this article will cover How to clean car seats with shaving cream.

clean car seats with shaving cream
clean car seats with shaving cream

Why is shaving cream good for cleaning?

Shaving cream is composed of water, wax, and lather so it has a simple formula for removing dirt, grime, and sweat. Therefore, it is one of the best cleaning ingredients that can be used in the cleaning process.

You get the good effects of both water and wax using shaving cream on your car seat which is really cool.

What You’ll Need to clean car seats with shaving cream?

  1. Shaving Cream
  2. rag or towel
  3. Clean water
  4. Clean cloth
  5. Hands (or gloves) with good grip to prevent skin irritations and infections

How to clean car seats with shaving cream?

1. Clean the car seat.

Take your rag or towel and wipe off all the excess dirt on the car seat first because the shaving cream to be applied next won’t be able to remove those grime and sweat stains if they’re still there.

2. Wet a clean cloth in clean water.

Take another clean cloth and soak it in clean water. Squeeze all the excess water for the cloth to absorb the shaving cream and keep it within the cloth.

3. Apply the shaving cream to your car seat.

Now you are ready to apply shaving cream to your car seat. You don’t need too much, a thin layer of it will be good enough as you only need to remove sweat stains and dirt with this method.

4. Spread the shaving cream to remove dirt and sweat stains.

The next thing you should do is spread the shaving cream on your car seat. Here’s how:

Spray the shaving cream on a clean cloth and then apply it over your car seat. Don’t wipe too close to the seams as this will make them stiffer, but try applying it as thinly as you can. Try to stay about an inch or so away from any sharp corners and edges like upholstery seams and the like.

5. Clean off the shaving cream with a clean cloth.

Now you just need to wipe the shaving cream off. Take another clean cloth, without water on it and apply it to the car seat.

Wipe all the shaving cream off in gentle strokes while transitioning from top to bottom. Make sure you hold your cloth even; if you don’t, it might leave some wet spots on your car seat.

6. Finally, vacuum your car seat.

You’re done with the cleaning now. Just vacuum the car seat to make it look spick and span.

Optional: You can also try using a lint roller on the carpets to remove any fuzzies. This is optional, but you should make sure that it hasn’t been washed afterward as it might leave some stains on your carpeting.

cleaning tinted car windows
cleaning tinted car windows

Household Items use to Clean Cloth Car Seats.

* Soft toothbrush

* Toothpaste

* Orange peel pumice

* Baking Soda

* Lemon juice/vinegar

This is the easiest and cheapest way for consumers to clean the car seat. Use baking soda and some water in a spray bottle then sprinkle pumice or orange peels all over the car seat. Sprinkle a little water on the cloth, rub it all over, and repeat as many times as you need to or until all of the dirt is gone.

How do you Defog with shaving cream?

First, throw away your old shaving cream. Throw away anything that has chemicals in them.

Next, you need to get a good quality shaving cream and avoid the ones with any color such as red or green.

You then want to spray your car windows with shaving cream and let it sit for a while before wiping it off with a wet cloth or towel. This can be repeated as necessary if you are having trouble seeing through your car window due to foggy windows.

Baking soda has the ability to remove fog from windows.

Why is shaving cream good for cleaning
Why is shaving cream good for cleaning

Frequently asked questions on how to clean car seats with shaving cream.


Can you clean the upholstery with shaving cream?

Yes, you can clean upholstery with shaving cream as long as you don’t make it too greasy. Start by wiping the car seat down with a damp towel and some shaving cream so that it doesn’t make the material too slippery.

Then spray a small amount of clear shaving cream onto a paper towel and rub all over your seats’ upholstered surfaces to remove any stains from stubborn dirt.

What will happen if you use shaving cream to clean your car seats?

You can use shaving cream to remove dirt and grime from your car seats, however, it is not recommended as it might cause skin irritations. So make sure that you are using a good quality shaving cream that is free of any chemicals. You should also take care while cleaning your car seat with shaving cream or any other household ingredients, always wear rubber gloves and don’t clean in a hurry, this will cause skin irritation on your palms like burn or rash.

Does shaving cream remove stains?

Shaving cream can be used as a stain remover. For example, it can be used to remove stains from your car seat, carpets, and wood furniture.

So if you have some liquid stains on the carpets or other surfaces in the house, leave them to soak in the shaving cream for some time before you wipe them off. Soda and vinegar might work well as an alternative.

But keep in mind that not all household cleaners work well against some stains as they might damage certain materials like leather, fabrics, and plastics.

Does shaving cream clean stainless steel?

Yes, shaving cream will work well with any stainless steel. In fact, it will remove any kind of stain from the surfaces of your car.

You can use shaving cream to clean the stainless steel grills of your car and in fact, you should also apply it to the chrome parts to maintain their shine.

Once you’re done, wash off in soapy water or with a wet cloth.

Will shaving cream clean headlights?

Shaving cream will clean your car’s headlights and the plastic of the headlight housing.

However, it might leave some residues after wiping off so you need to polish it off with a soft towel or cloth.

In fact, you can use any household cleaner such as dishwashing liquid, or even just a mild soap to get rid of grease from your car’s headlights.

Can you use fairy liquid to wash your car?

Well, you can use any household cleaning product to clean your car. You can use dishwashing liquid, detergent, and other household products that are safe to use on car surfaces.

It’s not a good idea as these cleaning products might cause damage to the surface of the car and also leave behind residues that could affect the paint or finish of your vehicle. So make sure to use these products only if you have to.

For example, you can use washing-up liquid, lemon juice, or vinegar to clean your car’s exterior.

Will shaving cream damage car windows?

No, shaving cream will not damage car windows and chrome. In fact, you can use shaving cream over and over again.

It’s a good idea to wax your car windows or just water clean them with mild soap to remove any dirt and grime before applying a layer of clear shaving cream over the entire surface.

Once the baking soda dries out, you can wipe it off with another soft cloth and repeat the process until you completely finish.

Is shaving cream better than foam?

Shaving cream is better than foam when it comes to cleaning your car seats. But if you want to remove grease stains, then you should use foam.

Shaving cream might leave some residues when you wipe it off but as long as you use a good quality shaving cream, this shouldn’t cause any issues for your car’s interior.

But make sure to choose a good quality shaving cream that is free of any chemicals or dyes and always wear rubber gloves while cleaning your car seat.


Now that your seats are faded, dirty, and have a bunch of dust on them, you need to clean them. The best way to do this is with a damp sponge or towel. Other people recommend newspaper or paint thinner but these methods are less effective as they tend to waste materials and put you at risk of bodily injury.

If you wish to try an alternative method, it will be at your own risk. Wet the towel or sponge in warm water and gently scrub your seat until the stains are gone.

They should disappear after a few minutes. After you scrub your car seats clean, turn your attention to the floor mats by placing them on top of the car seats. Clean these with the wet sponge/towel as well and then vacuum if needed!

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