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How to clean aerogarden? Follow The BEST 7 steps

Hey! Do you know how to clean aerogarden? Cleaning your Aerogarden can be a daunting task, but luckily we’re here to help you out. The Aerogarden is a complicated machine that can be difficult to maintain at times, but with this guide, you’ll have the basics down in no time!

There are many things that can cause blockage and build-up in your Aerogarden. One of the most common culprits is nutrient buildup from poor drainage or excess fertilizer application.

Now that you have a fresh new Aerogarden, it’s time to get it set up and start growing – but before we get started, let’s make sure you know how to clean your aero garden so that your plants can flourish.

Why need to clean the aero garden?

Aero gardens can be cleaned, but it’s not recommended that you do it too often. The main reason for this is to protect your plants from any sudden changes in temperature, water exposure, and lighting.

If you follow the steps below properly there should be no issues with cleaning your Aerogarden every 3-4 months.

Just because the soil is clean doesn’t mean the rest of your aero garden is spotless. You may notice a sticky or tacky feeling when you are handling seed pods, stems, or leaves. You might also see some white residue on your fingers that seems to be there no matter how often you wash them. These familiar signs mean it’s time for a good deep cleaning.

The majority of the time, you can simply remove the collection cup and brush off the loose soil. Then you need to take some time to wipe off the outside of your aero garden. If you’ve ever noticed a sticky residue around your aero garden, this is probably where it comes from.

You’ll even want to clean out any spilled water that may have been collected inside your aero garden. You can scoop out this water with a sieve or simply run some tap water into the reservoir until it is clear and empty again.

If you are particularly concerned about cleanliness, or if you notice a bad odor from your aero garden, it’s worth doing a more thorough cleaning. There are several ways to deal with this.

What is the best cleaner for the aero garden?

The best, most effective way to clean your aero garden is with distilled white vinegar. Fill up the reservoir of a water bottle with vinegar and fill up the rest of the bottle with water.

Spray the solution inside of your aero garden, then use a kitchen towel to gently scrub away any stubborn dirt or buildup. Rinse out your machine after you are done cleaning it and allow it to air dry before using it again.

Using a toothbrush to gently scrub the hard-to-reach spots will help, as will vinegar. Continue scrubbing all around the circular walls of the aero garden with a sponge, toothbrush, and vinegar.

You can also use an old towel or t-shirt or something similar- old kitchen towels and cleaning cloths are great for this! Use an old cleaning cloth/cloth diaper with a bit of vinegar on it too to wipe away any stubborn dirt and grime.

How to clean aero garden in 7 steps?

  1. Unplug the aero garden for safety
  2. Remove the reservoir and fill it with clean water to rinse it out first.
  3. Scrub all of the built-up dirt from the aero garden walls with a toothbrush and some white vinegar.
  4. Rinse clean water through the aero garden until all of the dirt has been cleaned away.
  5. While still rinsing water down, spray a tiny amount of vinegar into the aero garden, being careful not to get it on any bits of food that may be left in there. Rinse again with clean water and let dry.
  6. Once the vinegar smell has dissipated you may use the aero garden again.
  7. You can also do this regularly to keep the aero garden clean and provide better growing conditions for your herbs.

How to easily clean the aero garden in the dishwasher?

  1. Rinse the roots and break off any that may have grown underwater.
  2. Rinse the reservoir, lid, and colander in soapy water for a few minutes to remove dirt and algae then rinse again with clean water
  3. Add dishwasher tablets to the dishwasher soap dispenser, which can be found on the upper left-hand side of your machine. The tablet will dissolve completely in the water.
  4. Soak the aero garden’s lid, reservoir, and colander in clean soapy water for 10 mins.
  5. Put the aero garden’s parts on the top rack of the dishwasher and run a normal cycle. After the cycle has finished, rinse off all parts with water to remove any residue from the detergent.
  6. Place the aero garden in the sun to dry for at least 15-20 mins or till completely dry before you start using it again

How to easily clean aero garden harvest elite?

  1. Remove the aero garden’s hood and soak it in a solution of water and dish soap for at least 10 mins.
  2. Bunch up dampened paper towels, stuff them into the holes at either end of the aero garden grow chamber and wipe down the inside of the chamber with a sponge or wet cloth to clean it well.
  3. Use a soft bristle brush or toothbrush dipped in soapy water to scrub off any debris that might be stuck to the bottom or sides of your aero garden.
  4. Soak the grow chamber in a 50/50 mix of warm water and white vinegar overnight.
  5. Scrub off any grime with a brush, then soak the grow chamber in some soapy water and rinse it off to finish cleaning.
  6. Rinse the entire aero garden thoroughly and place it back together, setting it up for the next use as well.
  7. Soak the root zone in a 50/50 mix of water and white vinegar solution.
  8. Scrub the root zone with a toothbrush to loosen all of the grime in it and rinse it out, letting any excess flow out of the aero garden through its water tank.
  9. If some grime still remains, soak the aero garden again in a 50/50 mix of water and white vinegar for another overnight.
  10. Scrub off any remaining bits with a toothbrush and go ahead and use the aero garden next time!
How to easily clean an aero garden pump
How to easily clean an aero garden pump

How to easily clean an aero garden pump?

  1. Disconnect the pump from the power supply.
  2. Empty all plant material from the pump filter.
  3. Remove and discard the filter cartridge if applicable (see below for more details).
  4. Rinse the pump with hot water and a few drops of dish soap, being careful not to submerge any parts outside of the sink, then allow it to dry completely before replacing the power supply.
  5. Replace the filter cartridge if applicable (see below for more details).
  6. Check the pump for leaks.
  7. If necessary, clean the pump filter housing using a soft cloth and hot water (no soap).
  8. If the aero garden is new or has been used previously, it will have accumulated some dust and debris inside the pump filter housing which may contain traces of mold and mildew, so a couple of drops of diluted bleach in hot water (no soap) works well to help clean this out.
  9. Allow to sit for a few minutes and flush with clean water.
  10. Rinse the pump and all filters with water and allow them to dry completely before replacing the power supply.
  11. For maximum effectiveness, replace the filter cartridge about once a year depending on how much use it gets. Replace the filter if you see visible signs of wear, if there is mold or mildew growing in the filter housing or if you notice any unusual odor coming from it.

How to easily clean the aero garden filter?

  1. Unplug the aero garden.
  2. Remove the lid from the top of the system and place the aero garden on a hard, flat surface to expose the inside of the machine.
  3. Lower the bio-sponge filter into the sink and wash with cold water until the water comes out clear, then drain water into the sink, wring out the sponge filter good, and hang it up to dry; or leave it wet in a clean spot somewhere else to dry completely before returning it back into your aero garden system.
  4. Put the aero garden back together and make sure to reattach the upper drip tray. If the filter is dirty, you can turn the aero garden upside down to remove it. Most of the time you needn’t do that because it can be simply removed by hand without turning over the aero garden.
  5. Open the upper water drawer and clean off any large debris floating inside by hand, then close the drawer again.
  6. Replace the upper lid.
  7. Replace the lower aero garden tray with the clean one.
  8. Plug in the aero garden and wait until it is completely filled up with water before turning on the power switch in order to avoid any potential damage.
  9. Enjoy the newly cleaned aero garden!
  10. Repeat the process every few weeks – but only if necessary! If you have been following our directions, your filter system should be clean and healthy each time you perform a “blow-out”.

How to easily clean aero garden with vinegar?

  1. Remove all plants from the aero garden
  2. Pour 1/4 cup of white vinegar into a bucket with enough warm water to cover plants.
  3. Rinse off aero gardens by spraying cleaner onto the top of the unit and inside where incandescent lights are located, paying particular attention to corners and cracks.
  4. Return the aero garden to its normal position and spray the inside in an alternating pattern with a vinegar solution and a water solution.

Frequently asked some questions about how to clean aerogarden

How often should I clean my AeroGarden?

For best results, your AeroGarden should be cleaned at least once per month. You may need to clean it more often depending on how many plants you are growing, or how often you are eating your fresh produce.

How long does it take to clean my AeroGarden?

If you have already pulled out the plants and rinsed off the top of the unit and connected tubes, then cleaning your AeroGarden takes about 5 minutes.

How do you clean the roots on an AeroGarden pump?

Yes, the roots inside the aero garden unit need to be cleaned too. Use a toothbrush to gently remove any remaining dirt or bacteria. Rinse clean.

Can you use vinegar to clean your aero garden?

Yes, we recommend that you use white vinegar as our preferred cleaner for your aero garden. You can mix 1/2 cup of vinegar with 1 gallon of water in an empty spray bottle and use that to clean the top, tubing, and jars.

How do you clean an old AeroGarden?

Memories really do grow with this system, and over time, your AquaVie Aerogarden may get a bit of dust and dirt that you can’t wash off. Here’s how to get it clean and looking like new again:

Simply fill a spray bottle with vinegar and water (again, 1/2 cup vinegar in 1-gallon water), squirt on the top of the unit, then rinse with warm water. Then clean interior bonsai pots if they still have stubborn dirt.

video credit: In The Garden

Conclusion of how to clean aerogarden:

You will be surprised how easy and effective to clean your aero garden using vinegar solution. You can wash the top of your aero garden with the vinegar solution, clean all the surrounding and bonsai pots, and simply rinse after that.

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